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Sterling Silver Trinity Knot, with Knotwork - Ring

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We love our Trinity Knot Ring with Knotwork is crafted in Sterling Silver. Wear this ring on any finger, any hand to show your Irish Heritage or love of Ireland. Our Trinity Knot Ring is one of our best sellers in store!

The simplicity of the unbroken line
forming three distinctive loops,
perfect in their symmetry, is one of
the most enduring of Celtic motifs.
It originally signified the sacred cycle
of life, death and rebirth. In the
Christian manuscript it symbolizes the
Holy Trinity.



One of the best known motifs in 

Celtic art.  The delicate twists and 

turns are found on ancient stones, 

illuminated manuscripts, jewellery and 

tattoos. Many of the pages from the

Book of Kells display such knotwork.


Additional Information 

    • Ring made in Sterling Silver
    • Celtic Spirit Irish Symbols Booklet Included
    • Gift Pouch Included

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